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ZANEROBE Movement Collection

ZANEROBE Movement Collection- Nth Hem Summer / Sth Hem Winter 2015

The Zanerobe Movement Is Global

The ZANEROBE Movement collection is a global movement. We’ve handpicked 18 ZANEROBE ambassadors from 18 cities worldwide to show us how they rep the ZANEROBE look in their local city. The Movement Global campaign was photographed over four months featuring photographers from Calgary, Hong Kong, Toronto, Rome, Portland, Dusseldorf, New York, Byron Bay, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Stavanger, Paris, Sydney, Antwerp and Seattle.

We’re kicking off the campaign in the sand dunes of Dubai featuring our good friend @creationsofla. Be sure to follow @zanerobe on Instagram to see the full campaign unfold. We’ll also be releasing the campaign right here online over the next two weeks so be sure to keep coming back to see which city is repping ZANEROBE next.

The Movement Collection features all kinds of newness from the advanced two-way stretch Salerno Tech Pants, to our curated capsules ranges like the Navy Capsule and Marble Capsule.

This is not streetwear – streetwear is dead. What we present to you is a MOVEMENT. Progressive, unique, unparalleled – the future.

Every piece is re-imagined and redefined. Technical comfort. Dynamic masculinity. Evolved basics. A legacy collection.

We live by the motto ‘If you’re going to do it, do it properly.’ We party for days, not hours. Travel for months, not weeks. Design for years to come, not just for now. We love what we do and do what we love.

Yes we’ve taken risks, and yes, there will be critics. But if you’re standing still, you’re slowly dying. Progress is one step closer to where you want to be.

Movement is a breath of fresh air. It’s taking a risk. It’s reaching a milestone. It’s the feeling of momentum.
It’s where we are, and you want to be. Movement is progression. It’s checkmate.

We’ve re-imagined, re-developed and re-defined. Stripped things back to move forward, after all less is more. It’s time to go against the grain, swim upstream and make a move in the right direction. Don’t get taken by the tide, join the Movement.

From the advanced two-way stretch of the Salerno Tech Pants to the impactful Team Graphic prints, MOVEMENT is the evidence that ZANEROBE’s cutting edge design has once again dared to push the boundaries – confirming our position at the forefront of progressive streetwear.

Join the MOVEMENT.

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