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The KOMONO CORE collection


Core Collection

The KOMONO CORE collection is in a class of its own: original accessories that allow you to express your individuality. Authentic designs created to merge the classic and the new, design and fashion, minimalism and colour, accessories and lifestyle.

The Print Series, true Komono originals.

Pick your pattern from Komono’s easy-on-the-eyes fabrics and match your wristwear to your mood, your shirt, your trousers, your footwear or your latest fancy.

Color is our thing, just like the way a warm Indian Summer sun is able to infuse the world with a warm, hazy glow of beautiful colors.

Surrounded by classics with a modern tweak. And if you take a closer look at ’em, you’ll know what we mean. Series designed to mix & match, to create an instant classic, matching virtually any look.

Head west into the twinkling lights. This is where stars are born. Where pioneers cloak themselves in the business of leisure, and where everything is at the same time breathless and alive. Embed yourself in the icons of the day, both the timeless and the well-timed and take note of how far you must leap from the ordinary.

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